The various Fabbian collections include products with different shapes and materials. From blown glass to crystal, from steel to policarbonate, the range of designer lamps is very wide. All fixtures have the purpose of satisfying both lighting and aesthetic needs. Most importantly, all items are conceived as technical solutions for lighting public and private spaces.

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Legacy Products
Acustica F58
Aérostat F27
Akoya F61
Ari F55
Armilla F50
Beluga D57
Cloudy F21
Crio D81
Cubetto D28
Dome F65
Easy D14
Etnia F68
Faretti D27
Freeline F44
Giro F30
Laminis F33
Lámpara F69
Lens F46
Light Glide F57
Loop F35
Lumi F07
Lumi Tech F66
Malvasia F52
Multispot F32
Olympic F45
Oru F25
Pivot F39
Polair F36
Quarter F38
Roofer F12
Saya F47
Stick F23
Tile D95
Tripla F41
Vicky D69
XY&Z F63