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The region of Veneto, Italy, home to Fabbian, is known for small-businesses specializing in fast-turnaround, high-quality custom production. This production access, paired with Fabbian’s own design team, factory, and testing facility, allow Fabbian to create a vast range of custom products. Whether creating a 1-of-a-kind site-specific light installation or partnering with design firms for the production of marketable product design- Fabbian delivers custom on time and budget.
Fabbian offers three primary types of custom production:
Standard-Product Modifications: Simple edits such as wire length, custom color temperature, or paint colors.
Customizable Products: Designs with configurability built into their DNA, such as our Ari Custom, Freeline, Laminis, Multispot, Olympic, Pivot, Tile, and Tripla collections.
Bespoke Designs: Our wide range of production partners enable us to create glass, structural, and electrical elements to designers’ specifications.
Communication & Service
Fabbian provides the “whole package” when working on your project:
• Fast Turnaround Times
• Shop Drawings
• Prototyping
• Design-oriented expertise
• Italian Quality and Craftsmanship
• Accurate Budgets

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