From a whimsical concept by Lucie Koldova, Lens is a new massive suspension that can occur in different sizes, colors, and styles. The name of this product comes directly from its concept: each metallic disc lets the LED source funnel the light to the center similarly to a lens and releases the illumination to the ceiling by reflection, while the decorative pattern creates unexpected effects under the lamp. The suspension can be customized with different types of finishes to meet every design needs thanks to the versatility of the product family. The collection includes two types of suspension: the mono-lens (Ø 23 3/4’’- 35 2/5’’) and three-lens option (Ø41 3/4’’ – 63 2/5’’). The standard colors and finishes are Satin-finish burnished, Designed by Lucie Koldova, Lens features abstract design concepts based on overlapping metal lenses. The metal lenses appear to levitate in space and are illuminated by the innovative LED fixture module. Lens is the new solution for large scale spaces that require light and art. The primary element of this collection is the metal lens. It is designed to capture and direct the light down. Each lens has irregular perforations to allow the light to pass through and evokes an almost cosmic feeling when observed from below. The Lens collection includes 1 light pendant, 3 light pendant, and surface mount options. Offered in two sizes and three standard finishes with custom RAL color and finish possibilities. Each Lens is handcrafted and takes two weeks and 25 steps to complete. Starting with the light fixture, it is made of sand-cast aluminum and offers a unique shape that is meant to be seen as well as provide illumination. Each lens goes through a spun metal process where iron sheets are worked until they reach their desired diameter and thickness. Then they are pressed to create their concave shape. A 3D laser creates the perforations to provide the characteristic pattern. As final steps, an oxidation process is inducted by flame and then followed by brushing, sponging, polishing and sanding – an artisanal process that results in each lens being unique.

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