Legacy Products
At Fabbian, our glass and design elements are still all hand-made piece-by-piece in the same old-world shoppes and by the descendants of the original Venetian Glassblowers of 1400’s Italy based in the Veneto region.

At any given period of time in our 60+ year history at Fabbian, new designs and concepts have been created and produced. Sometimes as many as 10 or 15 new categories of product were designed and produced in a given year.

Each of these vintage lighting elements were crafted one at a time in an art-glass production process unique to the Italian lighting sector. Molds and expertise were specifically leveraged to create those elements; typically in small batch quantities ranging from 25 to 100 pieces per “production run.” Each Fabbian item is a unique reflection of the design aesthetic of the period hand-made by a small group of artisans specifically trained in that product with specific tooling to create those small batch production quantities.

As an owner of a Fabbian lighting glass design element, you can be assured that the piece you own is a historically significant representation of the design and artistry of the period it was created.

That said, as tastes and design aesthetics shift over time, new concepts are created, and older pieces are retired from production not to be made again.

Replacement glass elements are kept for a number of years; however, once the inventory is depleted, the best option to find replacement products may be to search auction and vintage websites. International websites may also be a better fit to find some of these products as more product historically was sold in Europe then in the US until the early 2000s. A few options that can aid in this search include but are not limited to:

• 1stdibs.com
• Ebay.com
• Pamono.com
• Chairish.com
• design-mkt.com
• Other international online auction / vintage sites

General Product Status:
• All products labeled f.fabbian are over 25 years old and are no longer available.
• All Casablanca products are over 20 years old and are no longer available.
• All products with series name starting with A, B, or C are no longer available.
• All products with series name starting with D unless currently shown on the website www.fabbian.us are over 10 years old and no longer available.
• For “F” series products not listed on the US Website, please contact usa@fabbian.com with a specific model number for inquiry and product support.

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