Inspired by architectural features simplified to their core elements, a cylinder and an arch, Dome is a highly flexible space-defining lighting system providing architectural illumination in three-dimensional decorative compositions.

At the center of Dome is the cylinder light housing. By itself a common lighting element, combined with the arch and spider-mount canopy installation, it transforms a utilitarian pendant into a three-dimensional design structure and feature piece with no additional effort. Dome is offered in three preconfigured combinations that can be connected to form limitless scaled architectures of light.

Available in 3, 4, or 6 light combinations, in black or gold-painted aluminum and iron. The highly efficient 0-10V dimmable, UNV (120 to 277), 900 Lumen LED source is offered in 2700K and 3000K color temperatures, and a choice of 15-degree or 45-degree beam spreads, satisfying task, accent, and ambient lighting needs.

Dome serves small and large-scale interiors in residential, retail, hospitality, corporate, and restaurant applications. Use Dome to define space and create feature elements with minimal effort and cost.

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