As a reflection on the concepts of community and affinity, the Etnia system consists of a very simple linear lighting element with direct and indirect light and fabric panels suspended between a pair of aluminum channels. The panels are lined with sound-absorbing fabrics in various colors that complement multiple design moods. These colors and textures interact with the light, giving it dynamism and helping to define a perfect synthesis between the technical and decorative worlds.

Etnia is a collection of indoor pendant lamps with sound-absorbing properties, consisting of panels from recycled PET covered in colored fabric. The black anodized aluminum structure has an upper diffuser in opaline PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) and a lower diffuser in micro-prismatic PMMA. The LED source is available in dual control of the uplight and downlight with 0-10V dimming, in choice of 3000K or 2700K color temperatures. The power supply is integrated, and all the versions are high-efficiency and flicker-free.

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