Linear panels of light and color that can ‘weave’ tapestries of illumination and acoustic comfort, reflecting the concepts of community weaving different human elements together.

Etnia begins with an essential linear lighting element with direct and indirect light and adds framed fabric panels. The fabric panels are lined with sound-absorbing materials and offered in a classic color palette to complement each other and most design schemes. The colors and textures interact with the light, creating dynamism and helping to define a perfect harmony between the technical and decorative worlds.

The focal element of the design are fabric panels composed of recycled PET fabric material with sound-absorbing properties.  For retail or way finding applications, panels can be laser etched or cut to include logos, branding, and signage.

Lighting the space and the panel is a black anodized aluminum channel with an upper diffuser in frosted acrylic and a lower diffuser with a micro-prismatic lens. Pendants are available in two lengths and six standard colors.

The LED source is available in dual control of the uplight and downlight with 0-10V dimming, in choice of 3000K or 2700K color temperatures, and provides task and ambient illumination. The integrated power supply creates high-efficiency and flicker-free illumination.

Etnia is a solution for corporate, cultural, educational, hospitality, places of worship, restaurants, and retail interiors. Pendants can be used individually over tables and work surfaces, in groupings to create light and sound absorption ‘walls’ in open areas, or as area designation and way finding tools.

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