Facilities and Transportation

Cathay Pacific Lounge – The Cabin – Hong Kong Airport

The project for Cathay Pacific Airways at the international airport of Hong Kong (HK) is named “The Cabin”, and was designed by the famous architectural…
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Cathay Pacific Airways Business Lounge – San Francisco Airport

Cathay Pacific Airways has made Tile its hallmark also in America. At the airport of San Francisco (CA, USA) there…
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Catahy Pacific Lounge – Paris C. De Gaulle Airport

Following the superb experience of Hong Kong, theAsian airline Cathay Pacific Airways has decided to make the Tile glass wall its distinguishing mark at…
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Fabbian Parking Area

OUTDOOR ILLUMINATION WITH THE CRICKET COLLECTION The Parking Area of the head offices of Fabbian Illuminazione in Castelminio di Resana…
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