Armilla F50, designed by Lorenzo Truant, is inspired by the first Renaissance armillary models depicting the motions of the stars and planets. At that time, it was customary to create finely crafted armillary spheres, including a framework of rings. The spheres were initially centered on Earth until Copericus’s theories changed the Sun to be the center of the Universe and infinite source of light. The rings of Armilla recall this custom; they support and complement the opal glass diffuser with a central light source — just like the spheres dreamt up by the Copernican cosmographers. Armilla’s three cleverly crafted metal rings support the glass diffuser and provide the suspension point for the pendant. Armilla’s handblown 14.2 diameter glass is offered as a pendant lamp. A round mold is used to create the glossy white glass. The metal rings are inserted into the molds, and then the glass is blown in – securing the rings into place. A burnished, chrome, or gold finish is then applied to the rings to complete each glass. Armilla is illuminated with integral 0-10V dimming LEDs.

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