Designed by Marco Spatti and Marco Pietro Ricci, Ari is a modernist, deconstructed chandelier system that can be scaled and configured to any application and aesthetic. Based on the austere minimalism of the single light source element, the origin of its design, Ari combines 6,12 or 16 elements in the creation of its chandeliers. These minimal and pure elements of different lengths can be installed freeform on the ceiling or follow a precise geometric pattern around a central canopy. This is Ari’s crowning glory: creating contemporary chandeliers that fill the room with light and dramatic presence from minimal geometric elements. A new system to link past and present. The Ari collection is offered in three standard chandeliers- 6, 12 or 16 lights in a choice of black anodized aluminum, painted white or bronze finish, or as a custom configurable system. The system allows you to choose from 4 heights and two canopies to create your own 3-16 compositions. Recessed line voltage LED lights provide direct illumination. Dimmable with 0-10V dimming, universal input.

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