Inspired by nature’s ability to propagate from a single seed, XY&Z F63 encourages a proliferation of light from a single point to many varied elements. Just as acorns create forests, honeycombs expand from a single cell, or grapes proliferate through an ever-expanding vine, the XY&Z light elements evolve and grow throughout the building, bringing light to all areas at every plane.

Fabbian collaborated with Gensler, serving as product design consultant, for XY&Z — a flexible and functional decorative lighting system for hospitality, retail, residential, and corporate environments.

The multi-layered glass shades, handcrafted in Veneto, Italy, serve as the central element of XY&Z. And its versatile mounting system enables designers to create lighting landscapes in organic and grid arrangements.

XY&Z is offered with integral 24V LED (2700K, 3000K, 35000K, or 4000K) or E12 lamp options. The inner glass shades are offered in various colors and patterns. The outer glass features a smooth, clear finish to encapsulate the inner glass.

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XY&Z Product Presentation
XY&Z Design and Layout Guide
XY&Z F63 REVIT Files
XY&Z F63 Sell Sheet

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