AmerisourceBergen – New Regional Headquarters

When AmerisourceBergen, American pharmaceutical distribution and health-oriented company, was creating their new regional headquarters in Texas, they were looking to create a campus that reflected their company’s caring and down-to-earth culture. Gensler Dallas took inspiration from a traditional Texas ranch house to create the 16-acre campus design and used rugged and natural elements to ensure the building complemented its natural environments. The plan included large gathering areas and open expanses to foster community and encourage organic interaction between departments, including the primary gathering area of the lobby’s vast, open, five-story staircase. The staircase being a primary feature, required something exceptional.

Genlser and ALA approached Fabbian USA to create a custom installation that would cascade throughout the five-story staircase. In a collaborative process, our teams created half-a-dozen concepts for this 45′ tall chandelier. Using the Sfera and Mochi glass forms, the Lumi collection provided the basis for the final construct. Numerous customizations were added, including metalized and clear glass, metalized caps, and custom-coated wires. The resulting installation started with a recessed 9′ square canopy custom made to accommodate 81 pendants with 50-foot drops. Each pendant comprised a handblown glass diffuser ranging from 13 to 16″ in diameter in three distinct finishes- translucent titanium metalized finish, clear glass, and 3-layer white glass.

The end result is a multilayered look that complements the building’s rugged and natural elements and community goals.

Project Information:

  • Owner: AmerisourceBergen
  • Architecture & Design: Gensler Dallas
  • Photographs: Gensler/Ryan Gobuty
  • Local Fabbian Representative: Architectural Lighting Alliance – Dallas