Freeline F44

Fabbian’s Freeline F44 System provides design solutions for everyday, everyway, and everywhere. The system, designed by Flynn Talbot (the same designer as our renowned Multispot Collection), brings a dynamic new dimension to lighting design with the system that skillfully navigates the X, Y, and Z-axis and adapts to ever-evolving environments.

Freeline has removed the limits of choosing a singular plane and enables modern, minimal, 3-dimensional light sculptures that provide accent, ambient, and decorative illumination. Consisting of five fundamental elements and a linear pendant that functions independently and as part of the system, Freeline can create infinite combinations to satisfy accent, ambient and decorative needs for residential and commercial applications.

Freeline’s foundation is its unique grooved, round rail, connectors, three different light elements – a spot, a flood, and diffused (from a blown glass globe). With varying combinations of the elements, Freeline can fulfill accent light needs of galleries and retail shoppes; ambient and decorative lighting needs of corporate, hospitality, and residential spaces.
The grooved rod and system connectors ensure that Freeline can adapt and readapt itself as lighting needs change. Fixtures can be moved along the rails; rail positions can change as conditions change. Freeline keeps up with ever-changing environments.

Key Specification notes:
• 3.3′ and 6.7′ rods standard
• Offered in anodized black or bronze finish
• Non-illuminated rods can be coupled together or field cut. (Field cut rods cannot be coupled)
• Each rail can hold up to 12 heads.
• Illuminated bars include an LED strip for providing direct or indirect ambient illumination.
• LED Light Source: 8W 24VDC Remote Phosphor, 2700K or 3000K, 934 initial lumens Cri >90
• Design assistance available

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Freeline F44


Freeline F44

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