How a Custom Project Sprouted a New Collection

The XY&Z F63 collection grew from the design seeds sown from a custom system initially developed to illuminate a break room on a recent Gensler project. The idea was to cover the ceiling with a grid of capsule shaped-pendants suspended from shared canopies.

As the project concluded, it was evident that there was more to do with this idea. So, the Gensler Dallas and Fabbian design teams got to work and refined the concept further. The aim was to create an elegant, flexible lighting system suitable for commercial, residential, restaurant, and hospitality applications.

The result is the XY&Z F63 Collection! XY&Z’s central elements are its beautifully crafted dual-layer blown glass diffusers illuminated with integral LED or incandescent light sources. And its unique ceiling/wall mounting system allows the system to function on the x, y, & z axis.

The diffuser is crafted from a crisp, clear outer bell that envelops an inner shade offered in eight color/pattern combinations. The colors provide rich ambient color, and the patterns cast beautiful designs along nearby surfaces. Designers can easily create design-forward wayfinding and space-defining schemes using the pendants’ colors, patterns, and cord lengths. XY&Z’s flexibility enables the system to illuminate individual tables to vast lighting landscapes.

Fabbian’s skill enables us to create custom designs on time and under budget and translate those designs and concepts into production models.

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XY&Z F63

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