New Noreña Building

Constructed in 1967, the New Noreña Building building is located in the Legazpi district of Madrid. Once an area for industrial buildings, Legazpi now has a residential neighborhood with numerous amenities and green spaces, all within convenient distance to the Matadero Cultural Center and the Madrid-Rio city park.

Designers selected the steel and wood materials to create a dialogue with the building’s surroundings and history. Steel was used for the lattice and facade frames to evoke the industrial past and convey strength. In contrast, designers used a ventilated Accoya wood facade to create continuity with the nearby Madrid-Rio park’s sustainable architecture and urban planning. Accoya wood provides additional warmth to the complex while ensuring durability and dimensional stability, with maximum energy efficiency and sustainability levels. Entering the building, the wood follows us in the form of cladding in the atrium, adding fluidity to the transition between exterior and interior.

The Olympic collection’s rings of light complemented the wood cladding’s linear pattern perfectly. Designers used different diameters and suspended them at varying heights to create additional shadowing and dimension of the wood cladding. Olympic’s diffused LEDs produce significant dimmable illumination- enabling them to provide both form and function.


Olympic F45

Pendant lamp

Olympic F45

Wall and ceiling lamp

Olympic F45