Sia Guest 2008

From 22 to 25 November 2008, the meeting on the new frontier of hospitality, Sia Guest 2008, took place in Rimini. Fabbian took part as technical sponsor for illumination and took care of the illumination of the Enjoy your Flight area, dedicated to the different styles used in airline lounges at airports.
In one of these, “SirenettaBistrò”, planned by Architect Luca Scacchetti, recessed spotlights from the Venere, Cricket, Eli, and Tondo collections were used, plus Rombo from the Faretti collection, the large Crio hanging lamp in light-coloured wood and lamps from the Classici collection. In the common areas, wall lamps with a support arm from the Beluga Steel collection were used, Toroidale and Crio hanging lamps, and adjustable Snake and Beluga Stone wall lamps, as well as recessed spotlights from the Sette W, Faretti Lei, and Venere collections.

Ph. Giulio Favotto


Faretti - Eli D27

Eli recessed lamp

Faretti - Tondo D27

Tondo recessed lamp

Faretti - Rombo D27

Rombo recessed lamp

Faretti - Lei D27

Lei recessed lamp

Crio D81

Pendant lamp