Superhuman Offices

Superhuman, a creative agency in Minneapolis, was looking to create a work environment to provoke inspiration, facilitate collaboration and accurately represent their brand. 

They selected the historic Kickernick building in the notable Warehouse District of Minneapolis and enlisted BDH design firm to design their perfect space.  

The design started with uncovering and incorporating the building’s historic brick, timber, and wood flooring elements and pairing those with a sophisticated, simple, and subdued finish palette. These elements allowed the unique artwork and statement light fixtures to pop.

The breakroom features a long harvest table to encourage group gatherings and promote a strong sense of community. The room’s statement lighting elements needed to be the primary illumination while working with the design and community goals. 

Fabbian‘s Lumi Sfera F07 pendants were the solution. Their timeless, handblown glass globe forms align with the design concept, and their efficient, LED dimmable light sources provide ample illumination while creating a welcoming atmosphere. BHD used the Sfera to run the table’s length and connect the breakroom to the adjoining lounge space.

  • Owner: Superhuman
  • Design: BDH
  • Photographs: Brandon Stengel, Farmkid Studios
  • Local Fabbian Representative: Pulse Products




Lumi - Sfera F07

Pendant lamp