The Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

How does one of the world’s leading universities, known for its science and technology programs, stay relevant in the startup era? This is the question that Analogue Studio answered in collaboration with the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, MIT’s hub for entrepreneurship.

The MIT Entrepreneurship Center is one of the largest research and teaching centers at the MIT Sloan School of Management, the business and management school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was founded in the early 1990s and charged with the mission to develop MIT’s entrepreneurial activities and interests in education and research, alliances, and the community.

After embedding some of the designers at the existing Trust Center, their mission became clear: capture the inspirational and professional magic of one of the world’s most innovative workplaces. Today, students and visitors to the Trust Center enter into an open kitchen and living room space, which feels more like a clubhouse than a traditional reception area.
From there, the Center functions as a series of interconnected neighborhoods and meeting rooms, with spaces that engage everyone from the individual student, to the budding startup of four, to the workshop of 400.

Analogue Studio chose one of our most successful product families, F07 Lumi, to enlighten the common spaces: 13 fixtures in 4 different diameters of the Mochi version were installed at different heights to convey the idea of movement and brightness.

The pendant lamp diffusers of F07 Lumi are in white blown glass with a delicate satin finish. The supporting structure is made of metal or polyester reinforced with glass fiber, which gives the whole structure a unique allure.

F07 Lumi comprises three product lines: Mochi, Mycena and Baka, with a full collection of hanging, wall, ceiling, table and floor lamps in different sizes.

Design credit: Analogue Studio
Photography: Richard Hilgendorff



Lumi - Mochi F07

Pendant lamp