The young designers Saggia&Sommella aimed to create a collection of white-blown glass fixtures that went beyond the typical globe shape. The result was Lumi – a collection of 4 softly shaped fixtures, all featuring delicate, satin finish blown glass diffusers: Baka, Mochi, Mycena, and Sfera.

The name Lumi was chosen for two reasons: the word “lume” in Italian is synonymous with light; in Finnish, the same word means “snow,” and this resembles the soft and delicate shapes.

The collection includes a series of pendants, ceiling, wall, table, and floor lamps in multiple styles and sizes, as well as Cappello, spun aluminum accessory caps for Baka, Mochi, and Sfera pendants, all for indoor use. In addition to the typical applications, the Mycena series allows designers to create multi-light compositions.

The satin-finish white glass diffusers provide soft and evenly diffused illumination. The soft shapes are the ideal elements to transform the look of every application with an elegant and clean touch. Product Highlights: LED, G9, and E26 versions of the products available; LED products are dimmable by a standard Triac dimmer. See Lumi Tech F66 for expanded 24V product options.

Attached documents

Product Technical Presentation
Lumi F07 REVIT Files
Lumi F07 Sell Sheet
Lumi Cappello Sell Sheet