LIGHT GLIDE by Cory Grosser

Dynamic linear lighting has arrived with Light Glide.
On the surface, Light Glide appears to be a simple linear fixture. However, a highly adaptable and functional sliding feature allows the light to be expanded and doubled in length when needed, and the direct and indirect LED light sources offer several control choices. These features enable the fixture to adapt to its current use case scenario effortlessly.

Light Glide quickly adapts from conference room to dining room to flexible workspace lighting by changing its length and light output type, essential skills in our ever-changing world. In addition, Light Glide’s low glare rating makes it versatile enough for general office use and areas where glare control is vital.

Designer Cory Grosser combined the essence of an architectural fixture with the expressiveness of a decorative fixture to achieve the sensibility of ‘happy minimalism.’ It’s a simple product with a surprising and delightful reveal.

Light Glide is an indoor pendant lamp available in black anodized or white painted aluminum. Expandable length from 46.25″ to 85.4″. Opal and prismatic PMMA diffusers diffuse the direct and indirect light sources. Light Glide’s LED sources offer on/off, dual-control for selecting direct or indirect illumination or 0-10V dimming control options. Light Glide includes a high-efficiency power supply for flicker-free lighting.



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