Performance + Elegance

After carefully studying several shapes, Pamio Design succeeded in designing a wide range of recessed lighting fixtures that were both functional and exquisite. The designer wanted to add a touch of elegance to the usual recessed spotlights, making them less technical and cold. The result is a range of “small gems of light”, that enhance the ceiling in any space, creating elegant, unique atmospheres. The shapes, facets, materials, and finishes were conceived to produce the best lighting possible. Recessed lighting fixtures for indoor use. Crystal glass diffusers with transparent or satin finishes, or stainless steel front plates. Fixtures are offered with open or damp rated closed diffusers. Lamp options include integral Bridge Lux 1000 Lumen, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K 16W Remote Phosphor, Dimmable 90+ CRI LEDs or GU10 based sockets for halogen or LED sources. The Faretti series can also be customized for specific requests with Derating Labels for GU10 versions, Dimming Options (0-10V, Specific Dimming Driver), 277V, and 2000 lumen module.



Faretti - Eli D27

Eli recessed lamp

Faretti - Tondo D27

Tondo recessed lamp

Faretti - Rombo D27

Rombo recessed lamp

Faretti - Cheope D27

Cheope recessed lamp

Faretti - Cindy D27

Cindy recessed lamp

Faretti - Jnat D27

Jnat recessed lamp

Faretti - Lei D27

Lei recessed lamp

Faretti - Lui D27

Lui recessed lamp