Restaurant Design – Inspiration for the Future

The current unpredictable pandemic world has created many possibilities for the future of restaurant and bar design.

Some designers predict the next Roaring Twenties, where people are looking to get out and socialize amongst the people they haven’t seen in almost two years. They envision the designs to be bold and statement-making with a hint of excess thrown in.

Other designers anticipate the need for more intimate booth-type set-ups where patrons can enjoy a delicious meal while feeling secure that they are adequately separated from others.

Either way, lighting design will play an instrumental role in each of these possibilities- from being a part of the overall design to setting the mood to providing functional illumination for the staff.

To inform and inspire your next restaurant project, Fabbian USA presents our Restaurant Lookbook. The presentation includes the four primary restaurant categories with installations and helpful design considerations for each concept. The Lookbook can be easily downloaded and shared virtually or at your next design meeting.

Our team at Fabbian USA is ready to serve up solutions to anything your client may order by offering signature looks using unique Italian Modern Designs to fulfill decorative and architectural lighting needs.

Fabbian solutions are priced to fit every budget, and we offer product and logistics support in the forms of stocking programs, custom solutions, and multi-location coordination. These elements will enable restaurants to succeed no matter which trajectory the world takes (and maybe it’s a little of both!)

As the world discovers what is next, dining out will continue to innovate and adapt, and Fabbian is here to serve. Contact us to discuss your next project!