Tile: build with light

Tile stems from an idea by Pamio Design to create a modular lamp consisting of individual glass elements. Inspiration is taken from nature, which suggests numerous aggregations.

Tile is a design lamp made from single pieces of glass, designed to form a continuous structure which reflects light. Thanks to the numerous compositional solutions, Tile offers unlimited possibilities of personalisation, to cater to the needs of even the most discerning customer and especially the contract market. Endless options exist for creating a modular lamp, a light wall, a cascade of glass reflections.

All that is needed is a light source to assemble the project using the individual glass elements. Even without light, Tile has an appearance which captures the eye, becoming a focal point inside any interior.

Thanks to its extreme flexibility, Tile shows off to the best in large premises where the architect or interior designer can design entire light walls. Tile already successfully features in the Business Lounges of Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong, Paris and San Francisco, in the Amsterdam Conservatory, in the Law Court of Voronez in Russia, in the Net Center of Padua and in many other prestigious public and private locations worldwide.