An Astonishing Private Residence in Park Avenue

In the New York’s Upper East Side, everything seems to be possible. Walking along the elegant Madison and Park Avenues, you can find elegant townhouses next to huge multi-apartments condos that overlook Central Park, with their doormen in pristine uniform always ready to help owners and tenants, call taxis, take packages and groceries.

In an upscale pre-war apartment in Park Avenue, the team of architects at Gustavson Dundes Architecture & Design successfully composed a symphony between American style and Italian flair, with the precious notes of glass used to make the residence even more unique.
With its high ceilings, the dining room is the focal point of the apartment: with an intimate canvas on the wall, the grand entrance of restored embossed doors introduce the guests to a classic dining table and comfortable armchairs ready to entertain.

Our Sospesa, a refined piece of sheet glass of sleek design, gives a twist of modernity to the environment and gently combines the cold transparency of glass with the refined classy tones of beige and the warmth of wood.

A bestseller from its launch, Sospesa has widely been specified by architects and designers who loved the essential shape of this lamp and its luminous and clear radiance, now also available in LED.

Design by Gustavson Dundes Architecture & Design
Photo by Peter Paige