Blue Milano (Fantoni Group)

The new Fantoni Showroom is situated in the centre of Milan. It is designed on an advanced concept of the contemporary workspace that goes beyond space, furniture and traditional technology. Fabbian Illuminazione was one of the three partners chosen to participate in the project, and really showed the best it has to offer in technology.
In the entrance hall, on the false ceiling made in sound-absorbent material painted in a shade of natural wood, a sort of bar code has been painted with the Zen Black system, in which alternate blocks of orientable lamps have been installed with halogen QR111 and metal halide light sources. On the remaining part of the ceiling, single, fully recessed lamps with fluorescent light bulbs from the Zen collection have been fitted at regular intervals. In the meeting room, a Cricket hanging lamp is installed above the table, in the white embossed version, while the sound-absorbent wall is bathed by a cascade of recessed LED spotlights from the Cricket collection. On the stairway leading to the lower floor and along the corridor leading to the offices, light is provided by halogen lamps from the Tube collection. The desks are illuminated by elegant, dual emission Factory hanging lamps in shiny white. On the ceiling, also made in sound-absorbent material but painted white, Zen recessed spotlights with fluorescent light bulbs are fitted, and are also used to illuminate the projection room.

Arch. Marco Viola
Ph. Giulio Favotto


Crio D81

Pendant lamp