Cafè ArtScience

Strategically positioned between the prestigious Harvard and MIT universities, Café ArtScience is a multi-purpose venue: Restaurant + Auditorium + Bar + Concept Shop + Art Gallery. Café ArtScience is the missing link between scientific laboratory and literary café, appealing to students, artists, and professors all gathered around the same dishes.

From dawn to dusk, this venue is on the way to becoming an essential hub for Boston’s minds. The bar designed like an undulating veil of white cement serves breakfast and experimental cocktails from noon to evening. The tables are used for professional meetings as well as to sample gourmet menus. The sofa, a huge ribbon of green velvet, is a synonym for comfort and encounters.
In line with his signature style, Mathieu Lehanneur structures the interior design without walls or partitions, but through fit-to-live-objects that demarcate the flow and simple functions.
Above the lounge area, the French designer decided to build an airy and refined installation with the product he created for Fabbian in 2014, F21 Cloudy. Almost 20 handmade pendants in white blown glass flew directly from Italy in two sizes (16” and 11”) to give this restaurant its upscale look.

Up to 30 production steps are necessary to create the every single Cloudy and they all take place in the cradle of blown glass in the countryside of Venice. The product family includes two different sizes of pendants and ceiling lamps, all handmade see-through glass on one side and white milky glass on the other to create a sophisticated degrade’ effect.
F21 Cloudy had been invested bestowed the prestigious IF Design Award, 2014.

Arch. Mathieu Lehanneur
Local Architects: Brown / Fenollosa
Photo credit: Phase One Photography