Confidential Client

The new headquarters for a major tech company was under development in Silicon Valley and required an aesthetic and a functional lighting solution for their community areas located on each of the 20+ floors of the new building. The community areas are home to gathering places, including kitchenettes, dining tables, hoteling workstations, and gaming spaces, and they were also the location of much of the floors’ HVAC systems, network cabling, and hardware that required concealing.

Designers had created a concept that required contractors to build a grid structure using painted U-channels suspended below the ceiling with acrylic globe lighting fixtures mounted onto the grid to provide the necessary illumination while concealing the equipment. While functional, the solution was not as elegant as they hoped.

Working with AP+I Design and Tucci Lighting, Fabbian USA offered an option to employ their newly developed F44 Freeline System combined with modified F07 Lumi Sfera Pendants. The modified pendants would now operate on 24V, provide 1700 delivered lumens per fixture, and be used on the Freeline system. With its x,y, and z-axis mounting capabilities, the Freeline system would provide the functional and flexible grid system that the design required.

The design team was excited about the concept and how it would better serve the project. However, with the previous design, the budget had already been set, and the new concept needed to fall within the same parameters for approval. Using standard components and a prefabricated design from one manufacturer, the installation and coordination for this unique build were simplified significantly from both a materials and labor standpoint, and the Fabbian solution came in at a 20% savings to the distributor over the less attractive solution.

Fabbian’s adaptability abilities range from creating entirely bespoke solutions to adapting and customizing existing products to each other and specific projects. These abilities enable them to work with your teams to devise the right solution for each design, budget, and time constraint.

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