Emile Hotel

The Hotel Emile in Paris is a trendsetting hotel in the exclusive Marais district of the city. Although this style is modern and sober, it is extremely sophisticated. All the furnishings were designed exclusively for the hotel to give it a truly unique atmosphere. All the rooms have a distinct look dominated by geometric shapes and bold colours.
The black and white decorations on the walls contrast sharply with those on the carpets, yet are all harmonised by the grey or sky blue shades of the furniture and some of the walls that are painted. In the guest rooms, the hanging lamps and wall lamps are from the Beluga White collection, with diffusers in glossy white blown glass, which give a touch of sophistication and elegance to the room, making it unique. In the bathrooms, round recessed lighting is used from the Cricket collection.




Beluga D57

Multiple wall & ceiling lamp

Beluga D57

Pendant lamp