Gym Zero10

The Zero10 Gym is in Padua(Italy), and is dedicated to the physical and spiritual well-being of guests who, after a hard day’s work, can come here to unwind and do physical exercise. The interiors have a well-groomed, cosy design, also thanks to the numerous elements that revoke natural shades and images, such as the wooden flooring and the fine curved wooden beams.
Fabbian lighting fixtures have been used to enhance these pleasant spaces with a touch of fine taste and elegance. The reception area is illuminated by the transparent hanging lamps and wall lamps of the Beluga Colour collection, while the corridors and service areas are delineated by the light of the Cricket recessed spotlights on the floor. In the two large fitness and aerobic rooms, there are numerous Riccio and Toroidale hanging lamps in white polycarbonate.

Arch. Giuseppe Pastrò
Ph. Claudio Carraro



Beluga D57

Multiple wall & ceiling lamp

Beluga D57

Pendant lamp