H&CO Beauty Store

The superb beauty centre H&CO Beauty Store is located in Porto Viro (RO, Italy), and offers various treatments and beauty products, plus the chance to take part in events. It is very big and well organised and tastefully furnished, with modern and highly practical elements. To provide the best possible illumination for these spaces, Fabbian opted for spotlights to show off the products on display and the various working areas.
In the store, ceiling lamps from the Beluga Colour collection were used, Cubetto wall lamps were used for the mirrors and Venere recessed spotlights were installed to illuminate the product display stands. More technical spotlights were installed in the operating areas, such as Zen, From Gom and Venere, while numerous black Beluga Alu are used to illuminate the large space used specifically for fashion shows.

Arch. Marco Motta
Ph. Giulio Favotto



Cubetto D28

Adjustable wall & ceiling lamp

Beluga D57

Multiple wall & ceiling lamp