New Road Hotel (London)

For the restructuring of this building, which used to be a textile factory, the goal was to create a modern and informal space respecting the historicity of the place and its “industrial” feel. The renovation involved the preservation of many walls in rough masonry and of the cast iron frames belonging to the original large windows and partitions, all in cast iron. For this purpose, the Freeline system was well suited, and thanks to the minimalism of its aluminum bars, it perfectly suited this context of industrial recovery, becoming the main lighting of the entire ground floor: hall, bar, restaurant, corridor, bathrooms, as well as the meeting & leisure room – where Freeline has been integrated into a modern home automation system. The project structures the system in different ways for all the different environments, creating straight lines, oblique, zigzag, and “playing” using the three dimensions. In total, over 160 meters of Freeline structure and 113 light points were used, mainly “plates” (F45L12), while 7 spots (F45L02) were reserved for the lighting of the bar counter. The project manager and our client were CMT Design & Construction company from London, while the interior design project was designed by the architect Ian Hopwood of Salisbury’s Symthesis Architecture studio.

Interior Design: Synthesis Architecture



Freeline F44