Spa Design 2010

In 2010, in the Tortona district of Milan, on the occasion of the FuoriSalone Home&Spa Design, architects and designers presented their ideas for living areas in the home and Well-Being centres. Fabbian was an important partner for the illumination of numerous different projects.
In the space dedicated to water “The Design of Water” by architect Luca Scacchetti, the movements of the jets of water that flow in the tubs and fountains in light-coloured stone, are exalted by the Cricket spotlights, which are also installed underwater thanks to the rating of IP67, and by the Classici hanging lamps and the spotlights in the Faretti and Zen collections.
In the project named “My Own Spa” by the Studio Svetti of Emanuele Svetti, a space was designed not only for physical well-being but above all the well-being of the soul. The Plano recessed spotlights with oriented light illuminate the pools, while walls made up of Tile lights create a séparé between the corner areas, which then end with Elle floor lamps.
“Tailor Made Home Spa” by Idea Design International Paolo Pardini – Carlo Lapucci represents an area in which the shapes, materials, lights and colours are designed to create a place centred around humans, human sensations and emotions. The oriented recessed spotlights are from the Plano collection, above the bed and table we find the splendid Riccio and Toroidale hanging lamps in glossy white, while the bedside tables are lit with Diamond table lamps.

Ph. Giulio Favotto