With Multispot, everything is possible.
Multispot Ari is a 24V configurable lighting system combining the versatility and flexibility of the Multispot System with the minimal and pure pendant elements of the Ari Collection.
Create individual pendants or groupings using four pendant lengths (12″, 23.5″, 35.5″, and 47.25″), four drop lengths (5′, 8′, 13′ or 32′), two color temperatures (3000K or 3500K), and three finish (Bronze, White, or Black) options. Remote drivers power each system and include universal voltage and dimming options.
Multispot Ari allows you to create your own custom visions in two ways: build your configuration with the below components or create your very own design.
Custom possibilities include:

•Cables up to 50′ long
•Custom canopy sizes
•Custom configuration of the pendant holes on the canopy
•Custom finishes for canopies (painted, mirrored, or specific metal tone)

12" Pendant Module

23.5" Pendant Module

35.5" Pendant Module

47.25" Pendant Module