Home&Spa Design 2011

In 2011, Fabbian was chosen to illuminate the spaces of the FuoriSalone in Milan, at the SuperStudio 13 dedicated to the theme of Home&Spa Design spa centres. The finest architects in the sector proposed their ideas to create atmospheres and places in which to offer visitors moments of pure leisure and relaxation. Many Fabbian lamps were chosen for these projects.
In the “Crystal Dreams” interior of the Granese Architecture & Design Studio, a magnificent Tile light was fitted to a white wall, dominated by lush plants, while a black Cubetto ceiling lamp and white vertical Cubetto lamps were installed around the pool. The sofas in the waiting room are illuminated by a cascade of Diamond hanging lamps. Architect Davide D’Agostino of Dada Architecture & Design recreated suggestions of alpine nature, also thanks to the Beluga Steel collection with hanging and wall lamps, the clear Beluga Colour ceiling lamps that illuminate the beautiful antique wooden beams, and the Tube hanging lamps and Beluga Colour recessed spotlights, which exalt the texture on the walls.
In the Space named “Perfect Dualism” by Alberto Apostoli, Architecture & Design has tried to place contrasting elements in a harmonious blend, to create a highly modern and comfortable setting. Recessed spotlights from the Venere collection were chosen, for a great wall lamp – WLC (Wellness Light Collection) – which was designed ad hoc for this space using LED technology in RGB.
Architect Luca Scacchetti designed “The house of stone”, a space dominated by natural, carefully selected materials distinguished by neutral shades and beige. The illumination chosen is classic and elegant. It includes recessed spotlights from the Venere collection and the Faretti collection (Eli, Tondo, and Rombo), and the hanging lamps from the Classici collection, also designed by Architect Scacchetti.

Ph. Giulio Favotto


Faretti - Eli D27

Eli recessed lamp

Faretti - Tondo D27

Tondo recessed lamp

Cubetto D28

Wall and ceiling lamp

Beluga D57

Single wall & ceiling lamp

Beluga D57

Pendant lamp