Inn Hotel Medjugorje

The Inn Hotel Medjugorje (Bosnia-Erzegovina) was completely illuminated by Fabbian collections. The whole illumination of the hotel is based on the alternation of fluorescent and halogen light sources. All the bedrooms, lighted with Led, are enhanced with recessed spotlights of the collections Faretti and Venere. Even in the bathrooms there is an alternation of recessed spotlights Faretti and Venere with black or transparent Cubetto.
The corridors use the recessed fixtures of collection Zen with fluorescent source while the numbered wall lamps Sospesa mark the bedrooms. Zen and Cricket are installed on the stairs and serve as marker too.
The common areas such as the restaurant and the bar see the use of the collections Bijou and Faretti with leds alternated with Zen with energy saving light source. The reception is lighted by a Sospesa with Led. Plano illuminates the kitchen of the hotel.
Outside, in front of the hotel, the transparent Cubetto was installed, while gardens and terraces are lighted and, at the same time, decorated, with Twirl with IP67 and Beluga Alu.




Faretti - Lei D27

Lei recessed lamp

Cubetto D28

Wall and ceiling lamp