Olympic F45 Custom gives the designer the reigns. Our pendant system offers configurable options as well as entirely custom possibilities. Create cascading rings of light by suspending multiple rings from a single canopy or creating vast visual landscapes by independently mounting the individual cables. To configure a chandelier – choose the number and diameter of rings. Or choose to create a completely custom vision. Custom possibilities include recessed canopy, fixture mounting types, custom finishes, color temperature, ring size – up to 30ft, and custom shapes.

Ø 24" (Replaces Model F45A07V)

Ø 31 1/2" (Replaces Model F45A01V)

Ø 43" (Replaces Model F45A03V)

Ø 54 1/2" (Replaces Model F45A05V)

Drivers and Canopies


Olympic F45 Pendant lamp

Olympic F45 Wall and ceiling lamp

Olympic F45 Custom